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Guilty Noodle at Edinburgh Fringe




It’s comedy. It’s dance. It’s culture. It’s… Guilty Noodle.

What do you get when you combine breathtaking projection dance, inspired by karate and hip hop, with hilarious traditional Japanese Rakugo storytelling?

A show about noodles, of course.

Seeing is disbelieving!

Original projection dancer Katsumi Sakakura meets Japanese comic storyteller Katsura Sunshine in an East meets West odd couple for the ages. Mix in the element of the one carbohydrate that epitomises Japanese tradition, modern technology, pop culture and high comedy, the noodle, and you have a show which will have your jaw dropping, when you’re not laughing your head off!

Both Sakakura and Sunshine have spent years performing around the world and have come together here for the first time at the Edinburgh Festival, to be followed by their London West End debut at Leicester Square Theatre.

Years from now people will define themselves as where they were when Guilty Noodle hit. Don’t miss the opportunity to say, “I was there, oh, was I there, oh yes…” or something of that nature.

Sometimes guilty is good.

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